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Agile as a Sales Tax CPA Partner

We have been partnering with CPA’s and in-house tax departments since 2005.  Since that time, Agile Consulting Group has established its reputation as a sales tax CPA partner for forward-thinking, proactive CPA’s, in-house tax departments and CPA groups who want access to a cost-effective, experienced and knowledgeable sales and use tax specialist. 

Sales tax is a specialized niche in the world of tax and accounting.  Many do not have the expertise or first-hand knowledge to feel confident in this area.  A sales tax consultant from Agile Consulting Group is always available to provide that sales tax assistance at a moment’s notice.

Are you a CPA or in-house tax department that doesn’t like dealing with these sales tax issues? Good news, they are our specialty:

      1. Outsourced Sales Tax Compliance
      2. Sales Tax Audit Defense
      3. Sales Tax Nexus Studies
      4. Taxability Studies of Products and Services Offered
      5. Voluntary Disclosure Agreements (VDA’s) to Mitigate Prior Sales Tax Liabilities
      6. Sales and Use Tax Research
      7. Sales and Use Tax Reverse Audits or Recovery Reviews

Sales Tax CPA Services

Outsourced Sales Tax Compliance

Sales tax compliance is an ongoing challenge.  Do you really enjoy it?  Are you completing the filings correctly?  Much has changed in the wake of the landmark Wayfair ruling in 2018.  CPA’s and accountants are often expected to handle this function for their clients, but many are unsure or less confident about their sales tax knowledge than other areas of their practice.  A sales tax CPA partner such as Agile Consulting Group can fill that gap. Consult with us about how best to advise your clients or allow us to interface with them directly.  We can provide as much or as little support and assistance as you feel you need.

Sales Tax Audit Defense

If a company does not have an in-house tax team, their first call upon receiving a sales tax audit notification is often to their CPA.  While CPA’s are expected to handle such audits, and many are quite capable of doing so, this is not the major focus of their practice.  Partnering with a sales tax consultant can benefit both the CPA and the client by achieving better, faster results.  Even for companies that have an in-house tax function, finding external assistance to help them through a sales tax audit enables the in-house team to focus on higher level initiatives and other areas of tax that best leverage their expertise.

Sales Tax Nexus Studies

Sales tax nexus has been a hot topic in the news as companies work to comply with the post-Wayfair nexus rules.  Gone are the days when physical presence was the sole determinant for sales tax nexus.  Now, both the dollars generated and the quantity of transactions within a state need to be analyzed.  States continue to adapt and change their requirements as well.  Regardless, a sales tax nexus study is often the first step in analyzing sales tax compliance requirements.  A CPA or in-house tax department can benefit by partnering with a sales tax expert who can advise you of the most current and up-to-date guidelines relating to sales tax nexus.

Taxability Studies of Products and Services Offered

Sales and use tax laws change.  Companies’ product and service offerings change.  These are great occasions to initiate a taxability study.  Allow a sales tax expert to guide you by analyzing law changes, and specific product and service offerings to ensure operations are collecting sales taxes appropriately.  We will provide a custom-developed taxability matrix, or cheat sheet, complete with citations to support all taxable and non-taxable designations.  A sales tax CPA partner, such as Agile Consulting Group, can help you and your clients get up-to-speed quickly.

Voluntary Disclosure Agreements (VDA’s) to Mitigate Prior Sales Tax Liabilities

You can find more in-depth writing about the ways a sales tax consultant can assist with VDA’s here.  To summarize, VDA’s are the best way to disclose prior errors in sales tax compliance. Each state has unique and specific requirements to do so.  Choose an experienced sales tax CPA partner upfront or you may find problems and stumbling blocks along the way.

Sales and Use Tax Research

Entering in to a new state or line of business?  Have a specific question about a large dollar purchase?  Have a sales tax consultant weigh in on the sales and use tax implications first.  We will write up our analysis in a user-friendly format that cuts through the tax jargon, buzzwords and minutia so you can quickly and easily understand the sales tax implications.

Sales and Use Tax Reverse Audits or Recovery Reviews

When prompted, most in-house tax department and CPA’s initial thought about where a sales tax consultant can assist would likely be in a sales and use tax reverse audit, or what we here at Agile Consulting Group refer to as a recovery review.  These reviews can be done at any time and are an excellent way to make sure you are maximizing the benefit of exemptions available, while at the same time gaining valuable feedback about the strengths and weaknesses of current sales and use tax systems and procedures.  Recover refunds while gaining knowledge.  It’s the ultimate win-win!

Sales Tax CPA Services at Agile Consulting Group

Remember, sales and use tax is driven by small details and nuances.  We strive to identify those and share our expertise in a practical and accessible manner.  Additional advice from an Agile Consulting Group sales tax consultant can be found on our pages summarizing each state’s relevant sales and use tax exemptions.

If you have questions, comments or would like to discuss the specific circumstances you are encountering in regard to any sales and use tax issue, please contact an Agile Consulting Group sales tax consultant at (888) 350-4TAX (4829) or via email at

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