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A Comprehensive Sales Tax Compliance Solution

sales tax compliance servicesAgile Consulting Group offers a better, more efficient and cheaper alternative to in-house sales tax compliance. We provide sales tax compliance services – a comprehensive solution.  While many sales tax consulting firms or CPA’s will complete and file your company’s sales tax returns after you provide them with the figures to do so, we believe that the real value lies in having a sales & use tax expert reviewing the data to arrive at better, more accurate figures to report on the returns.

Both the greatest challenge and opportunity lie in the critical thinking and detail analysis that must be conducted to arrive at the figures to be reported to state and local taxing authorities on sales tax compliance returns. This is our sales tax consultants’ greatest strength. As a result we have developed a unique and comprehensive sales tax compliance outsourcing program.

The Agile Consulting Group Comprehensive Sales Tax Compliance Solution:

  • Outsource sales and use tax compliance reporting
  • Reduce staffing & overhead
  • Review each month’s filings and correct errors
  • Reduce future sales and use tax liabilities
  • Monitor vendor invoices for sales tax overpayments
  • Plan sales & use tax implications of major transactions in a proactive manner
  • Support and defined client through any state or local sales tax audits

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