About Us

Specialists in Recovering Sales Tax Refunds

Agile Consulting Group is a sales and use tax consulting firm that aligns clients’ tax and accounting systems with current sales and use tax laws in order to maximize the benefit of sales tax exemptions for which they qualify.

Sales Tax Services: Agile’s Clients Receive Two Distinct Benefits

  1. Money in the form of sales tax refunds and credits for tax overpayments.
  2. Information in the form of knowledge, advice and training about how best to improve their current practices in the area of sales and use tax.

We Adapt Our System and Processes To Your Needs

Because Agile Consulting Group is a service-oriented sales and use tax consulting firm, we quickly and easily adapt our system and processes to the specific needs of our clients because we recognize that each and every situation is different.  We think critically about how specific sales tax laws apply to our clients’ business operations and because of this the savings we deliver usually exceed our clients’ expectations.

How Our Sales Tax Services Help

We have found the following four takeaways to be true in our work with each and every one of our clients:

  • Everyone desires simplification of sales and use tax laws.
  • The staff needs sales tax training, but they rarely have the time for it.
  • Opportunities exist, but they are seldom recognized resulting in unclaimed sales tax refunds.
  • Agile needs to provide a solution that does not require a substantial investment of time on the customer’s part because other projects and everyday responsibilities take precedence over optional ones such as sales tax reverse audits and sales tax recovery projects we are engaged to complete.

Our Business Model

To help address this, we have two key tenets around which we focus our business model.

  1. The first is the minimalist approach requiring limited input and involvement from our clients while still delivering them material savings and tangible results.  From our clients’ perspective, this is efficient because the few demands we place on their time allows them to continue to focus on the day-to-day operations of the firm.
  2. Second, we work closely with all of our clients to recover sales and use tax owed to them and to relieve them of the bureaucracy endemic in the government organizations which must be dealt with to receive sales tax refunds and credits.

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