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Texas Sales Tax Outsourcing

The state of Texas requires taxpayers with $50,000 or more in sales and use taxes reported in the preceding state of Texas fiscal year (i.e. Sept. 1st through Aug. 30th) to file their Texas sales tax compliance returns online.  Paper Texas sales tax compliance returns are still accepted from taxpayers below that threshold.  While every state has different nuances to sales tax compliance reporting, Texas may, in fact, have more local reporting jurisdictions that any other U.S. state.  Texas sales tax outsourcing is thus a popular choice for many Texas taxpayers.

Texas State and Local Sales Tax Reporting Guidelines

Texas sales tax outsourcing solutions, like those offered by Agile Consulting Group, eliminate the headaches and hassles many taxpayers encounter while trying to remain fully compliant with Texas sales tax compliance reporting guidelines. There are over 1,300 cities in Texas that have a local sales tax. Locations outside city limits may be excluded from the city sales tax rate, but may be subject to a county sales tax rate.

Special Purpose Districts (SPDs)

In addition to the Texas city and county rates, there are also a number of special purpose districts (“SPD”). Those special purpose districts are often the most challenging jurisdictions to report correctly on Texas sales tax compliance returns.

Metropolitan Transit Authority Districts (MTAs)

Additionally, while most major cities in Texas have Metropolitan Transit Authority districts (“MTA”) to fund public transportation, those MTA districts may cross multiple counties’ borders. Knowing under which county to report the MTA taxes may require a manual search to determine the county unless the sales tax compliance reporting software or systems the taxpayer is using is sophisticated.

Similar challenges exist for city transit departments (“CTD”), San Antonio’s advanced transit district (“ATD”), and Denton County’s county transit authority (“CTA”).

The Reality for Today’s Taxpayers

For taxpayers with robust, well-staffed tax departments with experienced, in-house individuals dedicated to the sales tax compliance reporting function, these issues and concerns are manageable challenges. However, having such a well-staffed tax department is not the reality for most taxpayers today.

Often Texas sales tax compliance reporting duties fall to controllers, accounts payable managers or other staff accountants and often become one of their ancillary duties in addition to their core job responsibilities. Texas sales tax outsourcing enables the in-house staff to focus on other higher leverage opportunities and enables companies to know with certainty that they are compliant with Texas sales tax compliance reporting requirements as well as all deadlines.

Sales Tax Outsourcing Made Easy with Agile Consulting Group

Partner with an experienced sales tax consulting firm like Agile Consulting Group and rest assured that your Texas sales tax compliance is outsourced to a group of reliable, experienced sales tax consultants.

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