Sales Tax Research Bulletins

As an industry-leading sales tax consulting firm, our sales tax consultants are constantly on the lookout for new and original arguments that will enable our clients to maximize the benefit of sales tax exemptions available to them. The sales tax research bulletins found on this page are our sales tax consultants efforts to share and explain the nuances of sales and use tax law in a fashion that is understandable and accessible to the general public.

It is our sales tax consultants’ goal in writing these sales tax research bulletins that they are a) informative, b) concise and c) actionable.

Agile Consulting Group’s Sales Tax Research Bulletins:

Alabama (AL):

Arkansas (AR):

California (CA):

Colorado (CO):

Connecticut (CT):

Florida (FL):

Georgia (GA):

Illinois (IL):

Iowa (IA):

Kentucky (KY):

Louisiana (LA):

Michigan (MI):

Minnesota (MN):

Mississippi (MS):

Missouri (MO):

New Jersey (NJ):

New York (NY):

North Carolina (NC):

Ohio (OH):

Pennsylvania (PA):

South Carolina (SC):

South Dakota (SD):

Texas (TX):

Washington (WA):

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