A Comprehensive Sales Tax Compliance Solution

Prevent & Recover Sales Tax Overpayments, Plus So Much More.

Let’s help your business identify and recover tax refunds, manage audits, and reduce future liabilities. At Agile Consulting, our comprehensive alternative to in-house sales tax compliance helps you do just that.

comprehensive sales tax compliance service

Contrary to other providers, our detail-oriented sales & use tax experts will personally review your returns. This method allows us to deliver a more accurate and thorough analysis with critical insights and an understanding of where you’re losing money and how you can recover it best.

Agile Consulting’s Comprehensive Sales Tax Compliance Solution Will Help You:

  • Outsource sales and use tax compliance reporting
  • Reduce staffing & overhead
  • Review each month’s filings and correct errors
  • Reduce future sales and use tax liabilities
  • Monitor vendor invoices for sales tax overpayments
  • Plan sales & use tax implications of major transactions in a proactive manner
  • Prepare for and work through any state or local tax audits

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