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Recover Sales Tax Refunds

sales tax consulting

Recovering sales tax refunds for our clients is the main focus of our business.  Reverse audits, also known as sales tax recovery reviews where we have the most experience in sales tax consulting.  Companies often do not take full advantage of the sales tax exemptions available to them.  These overcompliance errors can result in significant sales tax refund opportunities.

Vendors will charge sales tax on their invoices unless appropriate sales tax exemption certificates are provided. Use tax is another area where overcompliance often occurs.  Companies often self-assess use tax on exempt items because they are fearful of a state sales and use tax audit and err on the side of caution.

We Deliver Tangible Savings

We conduct our reverse audits on a contingency-basis because we are confident in our ability to deliver tangible savings to our clients.  These contingency-based sales and use tax reviews are ideal for clients as well because there is no risk in engaging our sales tax consultants to see if we can be of assistance.  In the 16 years we’ve been in existence, we’ve never found a client we could not help.

In our reverse audits to identify sales tax refunds, we review documentation including use tax returns, invoices, purchase orders, check stubs or payment information for all purchases made within the appropriate statute of limitations.  For state specific information about the statute of limitations refer to our sales tax research pages.  In addition to the sales tax refunds our clients receive from these reverse audits, they also receive a set of best practices going forward that will maximize the benefit of the sales tax exemptions available to them thus reducing future sales and use tax liabilities.


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